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Anti Stress Workshop...

by Horst H. Günther


This seminar supports and motivates you to change your life in a positive direction !

It is a matter of fact that many adults - speci?cally in business life - yes, unfortunately even students, pupils and kids also... suffer by stress !

It?s time looking at that problem to analyse and to ?nd solutions for better daily life ! There are many possibilities to avoid a burn-out !

To prevent is the solution ! But how to practise ???

The target of this seminar is informing the participants about the technics, the ideas and solutions.

The essence of the workshop : analyses, demonstrations of problems and their background, solutions, technics, many exercises, individual supports and consulting.

The workshop ends up by individual, practicable solutions and targets for each participant for positive and healthy daily life in future !

Two days workshop : Saturday, 10:00 - 18:00, Sunday, 10:00 - 18/19:00 (approx.)

Locations : Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Turkey

Number of participants : min. 10 - max. 14

Seminar fee : 300.- €

Teacher :

Horst H. Günther, Ex-Manager, Dynamic Rebirthing(R) Trainer
Kine-Ment-Color(C) Therapist, Author, Reiki-Master since 1985

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