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How to become a Reiki Channel

One does not need any previous experience to become a Reiki practitioner, but the healing power of Reiki can, in general, only be transmitted through a living Reiki Master. A person should have an open heart, the desire to receive the Reiki transmission and carry the intention to use it. If one wants to heal themselves and their family, other people, animals or plants, then the channel will open for the healing energy during the Reiki instruction.

Preparation and Initiation for the first Grade

The 1st Grade is given during a weekend or on four consecutive days or evenings, in sessions lasting three to four hours each. Sometimes it will also be given during a holiday workshop. During the workshop, the Reiki Master undertakes four initiations or “power transmissions”. These will prepare the students and open their inner healing channels. Each initiation is a blessing and healing. What happens is a kind of a cleansing on all levels, affecting the body, mind and soul, and raising the vibrational frequency of all participants. Blocks and toxins are released, and healing is encouraged. The transmission of energy may also cause self-healing reactions which will mostly cease after the workshop.

You will receive the basic training and hand positions to give yourself Reiki. Often participants feel the flow of Reiki after the first initiation  and  learn to exchange the universal life energy with other members of the group. Reiki flows depending on the need of the receiver, who only takes as much as is needed. You feel clearly that you act as a channel and that none of your own energy is taken. On the contrary, you are being charged simultaneously and self healing is taking place. The flow of this loving healing, soft and powerful energy is an uplifting experience.

Reiki will change your life, and accelerate your mental and physical healing as well as your spiritual growth, so you will clearly feel the connection with your inner self and will be touched with your own love. Because of this, harmony and peace flows with yourself and your world again. Reiki also helps you to have the courage to change those things in your life that you want to change. By the end of the workshop you have received the gift of healing hands. Every person heals themselves! Now you have the tools to do so. Take responsibility in yourself, change your thoughts and behaviour according to the “Spiritual Rules of Life”, and you will become a new human being with much more joy in life.

Preparation and Initiation for the second Grade

Traditionally, the Usui System of Reiki is taught in two grades. When you have completed the 1st grade and have used Reiki actively in your life, then you can combine your connection with Reiki and your own spiritual growth through the initiation into the 2nd grade. At least three months should pass between the initiations of the 1st and the 2nd grade. Only in exceptional cases can one receive the 2nd grade earlier. You should feel within yourself when the time is right to receive the 2nd grade, as there will be much movement on many levels. Be ready for further change in your life.

The 2nd grade is called “Oku Den”, or deep knowledge, and is a physical opening. It will especially act on the subtle bodies. Your intuition and ability to heal will expand. With your initiation, you receive the secret holy symbols and the specific mantra. These are solely for the use of people initiated into the 2nd grade. Their use carries a large responsibility.

The healing powers multiply through the initiation into the 2nd grade, and you learn to use the symbols to give mental healing and to heal over a distance independently from space and time. Mental healing means that you now possess the ability to connect yourself with the subconsciousness or your higher self, and to initiate healing through the spirit, for example in cases of depression, sleeplessness, nervous breakdowns and addictions. You can also use mental healing on yourself to change rigid patterns of behaviour into new, constructive ones.

You become aware that you carry the responsibility for your life and that you are the master of your life and your circumstances. We are all on the way to mastering ourselves, whether it is conscious or not, and we need to learn to use our energies wisely. Everything that we send out comes back to us (the rule of circulation). If you send out much joy and love, it will return many times over. Thus we must take responsibility for the enhanced energy that we possess after the 2nd grade initiation.

Becoming a Reiki Master

In the spring of 1988, Phyllis Lei Furumoto gave us her blessing and authorization for the training and students of Masters. The call to become a Reiki Master is intuitively recognized by those students who have been initiated in the 1st and 2nd degree and who have practiced for some time. The initiation brings with it further personal growth and change on all levels.

We received the blessing and authorization to carry out this training through the initiation and relationship established with Phyllis Lei Furumoto. In great gratitude, we now have brought several Reiki Masters onto this path. We are completely aware of the unending responsibility the Master accepts in initiating a student to the level of a Master. The program of the training is individually tailored to the personal needs of the person ready for this further step.