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Dynamic Rebirthing®

Career stress, competition pressure, pressure of time, financial difficulties, conflicts... The everyday life consumes us. »No!« say body and soul - at the beginning still quietly: by an influenza, bad sleep, with a general restlessness feeling. However, for years often we do handle with our energy reservoir as if we could scoop lifelong from the full...
... to our soul announces itself more loudly to word, until our body gives us more and more unequivocal signals: We start to feel tired, we lose the "fire" with the thing, the concentration, and, finally, we feel that something must be changed!


Like born-again by Rebirthing

Breathe. You do this already, but how? By Rebirthing you get to know a respiration technology which balances the harmony between body, mind and soul again. By the new breathing you relax completely: Your energy comes again to the flowing, the available blockades free themselves. Finally, your vitality becomes free again. The symptoms of your strength-living life-style disappear.

A millennial tradition

Already to all Egyptians, the Incas and the Indian yogis have worked with different respiration technologies for remedial purposes and cult purposes. Some technologies are applied till these days by the Indians. Rebirthing became, finally, in the 70s by Leonard Orr, an important representative of the "Human Growth" motion created.

The rebirthing process

From the very beginning you lie down on your back and start breathing in a light, relaxed rhythm. Besides, inhaling and exhaling combines in steady, round breath. With every breathing out you relax more and thereby breathe even deeper. Finally, you start to let go. Besides, suppressed experiences often come long to the surface, it resolve fury, fears, grief and tensions. This process of the emission of long held back, blocked energy is often connected with a prickle or with vibrations in the whole body. Every now and then this relaxation can be felt at the beginning as disagreeable. However, soon everything flows into sequential waves of the calmness and the deepest rest. One feels cleaned internally and full clarity: One is like born again. During the whole events you are accompanied by experienced trainers.

Rebirthing refreshes the whole life

The aim of the Rebirthing is to find our original respiration rhythm again, to solve the learned respiration patterns and to transform into a full, natural respiration. This affects positively all areas of life: in the occupation, in the healing of diseases, in the respect with others, in therapies. We ­ are more fresh everywhere,­ besides, more relaxed and with more real energy.

Question on Rebirthing...

  • Is Rebirthing dangerous - does it concern a sect, a religion, around a hypnosis technology? Is it a psychological group therapy?
    No! - Rebirthing deals nothing with any ideologies, it is also no substitute with psychotherapeutics or physician care. The intimate sphere remains protected, you must not turn yourselves outwardly. Crude sometimes comes out from the subconsciousness which you will let go with the strength freshly scooped in the Rebirthing and master.

  • Can I combine Rebirthing with other disciplines sensibly?
    Yes! - Rebirthing is clarity - for your mind, for your body and for your soul. Your thoughts form, your body finds the way back in the harmony, the confusion frees itself. By this cleaning we become from the inside openly for all the other methods which strengthen our life energy. Rebirthing can be complemented ideally by all kinds of body work: by yoga, massage, Reiki, therapeutic work, but also by sport and gymnastics etc.

  • Is Rebirthing difficult?
    No! - All new must come first to the flowing, we all know. However, with the Rebirthing this internal opposition frees itself fast, and we find to a deep calmness. In addition one must be able to do only one thing - breathing!

  • This sounds well. I am sceptical, nevertheless.
    Now of course you cannot already know how Rebirthing works. Hence, the first step must be called: Decision. And maybe this is a part of your personal Rebirthing process already.