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    Reiki - Energy from your own hand

    Horst Günther and Angelika Marché

    You find in this book a huge number of experiences which two internationally active Reiki-Meister/teachers and therapeutists transmit to you.

    "Reiki, the "universal life energy", calls an old art of the laying on of hands which everybody can carry out. With Reiki the curative energy comes in gentle manner to the flowing which carries unexpected possibilities in itself: We experience more assurance and joy of life, can act specifically, are in harmony with others, feel us healthy in body, soul and mind."

    Of special importance the newest information is on the subject "spiritual curing by laying on of hands".


    The book is sold out, maybe available in a used form.



      Reiki - Selftreatment (CD)

      In German language only!

      Harmonizing Chakras and the body.

      Music by Franz Schuier

      Horst Günther and Angelika Marché

      Tired, worriedly, drawn? Pains or ailment? With Reiki, the universal life energy, we can reach balance at all levels for body, soul and mind. On this CD the Reiki-selftreatment leads to 7 Chakren, our main energy centres, and shows how we can compensate them by visualisation and specific affirmations especially well. With the joining laying on of hands we feel deep relaxation, internal peace and scoop new strength. - With Reiki find to the selfhealing.
      Two exercises of 30 minutes. Spoken by the authors in German language . Embedded in wonderful, specially composed meditative music by Franz Schuier.

      The cd  is sold out, maybe available in a used form.


      REIKI Heile Dich selbstREIKI - Healing yourself

      Brigitte Müller, Horst H. Günther 

      Reiki is an old healing art, to channel energy through the hands of a practitioner into the body of the receiver. It was rediscovered by Dr. Mikao Usui a Christian monk in Japan in 19th century. The term Reiki is Japanese and means universal live energy.

      This book describes Reiki very practical in words and pictures. This was done as well for seekers and also for Reiki-Practitioners. Intensive experiences and an extraordinary number of classes, which are lead by these two Reikimasters in Germany and abroad since many years are the base for this book. It makes Reiki comprehendable from the beginning and rediscovering till the use in our everyday life. There are a lot of reports about experiences by participants of classes and Reiki-Practitioners.

      Reiki is universal life energy, which always accompanies us to help ourselves and other people, animals, plants or our planet earth. Reiki is the gift of the healing hands.

      Extract of the preface: 

      The current life on our planet needs healing urgently. Too many people are sick mentally, spiritually and physically; they are dejected, pessimistic and destructive. We need healing energy for our daily experience in dealing with the nature, politics and economics, education and culture and for the peace on earth. Reiki is such a spring of healing and love, as well as light in the darkness of our hearts and the institutions. 
      Peter Heitkämper 
      Professor at the university of Münster

      This book is available in English: "A Complete Book of Reiki Healing"

      Publisher: Basic Health Publications, Inc.,, ISBN: 978-1-59120-288-2